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(Stanton) – The 70th annual Santa Lucia Festival of Lights is scheduled for Saturday in Stanton.

Public relations committee member Leanne Johnson joined the KMA Morning Show on Friday.

Johnson says the festival hasn’t changed too much over the years.

“We have a lot of ancestry and a lot of Swedish heritage at Stanton,” Johnson said. “And so 70 years ago there was a committee that started that just wanted to honor the heritage and start the Saint Lucia festival. So, like you said, it’s the 70th year, and the traditions have always remained pretty much the same as they were seven years ago.

This year’s festival will feature a skit, lots of Swedish cuisines, cultural dances and of course the traditional crowning of Queen Santa Lucia.

“If you live in Stanton and want to vote for the Queen of Saint Lucia, there are 10 juniors and seniors participating in the draw for the title of Queen of Saint Lucia, and that vote takes place between 9 am and 3:30 pm. Johnson continued. “It’s at, what I would call the old principal, but it’s the Swedish cultural center between 9am and 3:30 pm. Anyone living in the Stanton School District can vote. The queen who receives the most votes will be crowned Queen of Santa Lucia. “

Johnson says contestants will be able to visit people who can’t be at the festival.

“There is no charge to attend the ceremony. The junior and senior girls who I guess toss their hats in the ring for the title of Queen of Santa Lucia will go singing in the morning at local health centers, nursing homes and local hospitals, of which we really are. glad they do with all the COVID restrictions that they haven’t had a chance to apply this year, ”Johnson said. “A lot of residents are really looking forward to seeing the girls come in their Swedish costumes. We therefore thank all the parents and children who, in high school, do this. It is important to us.

A bake sale will take place before and after the Festival of Lights.

The high school festivities begin at 7:00 p.m. Saturday night in Stanton.

You can hear Johnson’s full interview below.

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