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Food for children program

SALEM – The David Tod Aerrl Charitable Trust has awarded the Brightside Project $25,000 to help its Food for Kids program which provides essentials such as food and personal care items as well as literacy materials to children ages 3 to 18 in Columbiana County.

“This generosity is remarkable and will have a huge impact on the children of Columbiana County,” said Lisa Wallace, co-director of The Brightside Project. “We are so encouraged that they have seen the value of our approach to supporting children. These children really suffer and have a hard time seeing the bright side of things. They are our future and need to know that the community is there for them and that we care.

The Food for Kids program is a fortnightly distribution that supports a child’s health and well-being with two main goals, including improving a child’s access to basic necessities such as food and necessities. of personal care, while developing the developmental assets necessary for its growth. healthy, caring and responsible. With a focus on helping children who have suffered trauma or been exposed to adverse childhood experiences, The Brightside Project aims to build resilience in every child.

Wallace said, “We know that resilience is one of the best tools to overcome adversity, so no matter what they face in life, we want them to believe in themselves and believe that a better future awaits them. Everything we do is to give them hope.

Funding awarded will be used to purchase food and personal care products for the program. Food for Kids gives every child the opportunity to practice making safe and healthy choices while building self-esteem and personal power. Children choose the food and personal care items they would like to take home and in an effort to promote literacy and academic success, children are also encouraged to choose books and a stuffed animal. “Reading Buddy”donated by community members.

Food for Kids takes place from 4-6 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of each month at the Brightside Project located at 483 E. Pershing St., Salem and is open to all Columbiana County children ages 3-18. For more information, visit or call 234-320-4005.

painting a monster

EAST LIVERPOOL – Children are invited to participate in the creation of a city center mural painted by Craig Wetzel, who is asking students from the East Liverpool School District who will be entering kindergarten to year three to submit designs, which he will choose to incorporate the most original. in its design. The theme is MONSTERS. Encourage children to use their imagination and create original monsters.

-Monsters can be made on any medium and do not need to be colored.

-Each child must write their first name on the photo. Wetzel will paint their signature on the mural near the monster they designed.

-One monster per child.

-Submissions begin immediately and will be accepted until July 31.

– Attach a photograph of the monster art with “wall” in the subject line and send it to Wetzel at

-When the design is complete, Wetzel will notify the parents of the children whose work he has chosen and request that the original art be dropped off at his office.

-For more information, email Wetzel at the above address.

Monsters that will not be taken into account:

Trademark monsters and creatures



Anything excessively disgusting or violent

Spiritual review and restoration

Campground Community Church, 1795 Hess Road, East Liverpool, will host a spiritual overhaul and restoration at 7 p.m. on July 6. The guest speaker will be Apostle Greg Sealy, director of Greg Sealy Outreach Ministries, Montgomery, Ala. Sealy has served in pastorates in Babados, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Canada, West Virginia, and Alabama. He has been active in ministry for 52 years and has ministered in over 500 churches, conferences, camp meetings and evangelistic crusades in the Caribbean, 24 US states, Canada, England, Kenya and South Africa. It is only used in the field of spiritual awakening, deliverance, restoration and renewal. He is the author and editor of two books. He preaches the Word unadulterated, with anointing and revelation: to set souls free, to build the kingdom of God, to revive and destroy satanic yokes. For more information, contact Pastor Tom Adkins at 330-383-1913.

Tops 1341

Tops 1341 met at Glenmoor Presbyterian Church on Monday, with leader Darlene Naukam presiding. Due to the many links in weight loss, all of them were the best losers.

The drawing winners were: Weight Loss and 50/50 Darla Varney, Junk Food Dorothy Garn, Calorie Chart Mary Gailey, Jackpot Cathy Wollam.

Dorothy Garn was present for sixteen weeks. Mary Gailey retained the travel box for the third week. Two members remain on the check. The tomato contest continues.

The annual picnic has been changed to August 8. Members are encouraged to bring salads/low calorie foods. Darlene Naukem reminded members that there will be no meeting on the July 4 holiday or July 11 due to Bible school at the church.

The required elections will take place on July 18. The new leaders will be installed on July 25 and will take office at the first meeting in August.

The meeting opened with concerns and promises and ended with the Lord’s Prayer.

Meetings are held every Monday (excluding public holidays) at the church. Weigh-in is from 1:15 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The meeting is from 2:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. New members are welcome and can contact 330-424-5027 for more information regarding meetings.

Tops 2231

Tops 2231 met Tuesday at Boyce Church on Anna St. under the chairmanship of leader Tonnie Slagle. The meeting opened with the promises of Tops and Kops and the roll call. Cassy Stephens read the Secretary and Treasurer’s report.

The top loser was Carolyn Hager. Kops’ top loser was Stephens and the officer was Stephens. The six-week loser was Slagle and Stephens.

The calorie chart was won by Slagle, Dimes by Anita Kukich, 50/50 Berressford. The kops on the sidelines are Jean Ferrebee, Slagle, Seevers, Stephens, Jo Ann Berrsford and Verla Betteridge. No No’s are savory snacks and cakes.

This week’s winners “Competition without lying” are Betteridge, Kontiner, Slagle, Stephens, Betteridge, Tammy Heddelston.

This week the band had a “No winner” the week.

Stephens read a program on “Health Checklist.”

The group enjoyed their annual picnic.

Slagle closed the meeting with prayer requests followed by the Lord’s Prayer. New and returning members are always welcome on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. For more information, call 330-383-8217.

Tops 1957

Tops 1957 from Wellsville met June 21 at Living Well Church with co-leader Mary Jarvis opening the meeting with pledges, a roll call, and then Brenda Young leading the group in prayer.

Top loser was Janice Monte, Kops top loser was Jarvis and Peggy Imburgia wore the officer’s ribbon. Jarvis won the ten cents and Hart had three weeks without weight gain and she also won the 50/50 draw.

Nono is crisps and ice cream. The minutes were read and there was a correction of the date of the election being June 28 instead of July 28. The date had been typed incorrectly by Young.

Peggy Kiddey received a request from Barb Tranter to change election day to July 5, but there was a unanimous vote not to change the date. Barb M made a motion for each position to be nominated and voted on. It was seconded and approved.

Jarvis closes the meeting and wishes everyone a good week.

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