Canton Photo Studio Owner Turns Hobby Into New Creative Career


TOWNSHIP – Dan Karipides remembers lying awake in a hotel bed around 3 a.m., thinking about his future and whether he was truly satisfied with his job.

Karipides was working in sales for a telephone company in 2014, but he was striving for a more fulfilling job.

He switched from the telephone to advertising in the newspapers before changing jobs again and working for a staffing department. As he continued to seek his calling, he bought his first camera in 2017 and began to fall in love with the craft.

Starting with real estate photography, Karipides built up a solid following through friends and others he knew, even taking photos of a lavish multi-million dollar house.

After juggling his side job and his day job, it was time to choose one or the other in early 2020. So Karipides told his wife, Jessica, that he was considering getting into photography. fulltime.

Jessica and Dan Karipides stand outside the husband's photo studio, The Creatives, at 525 Market Ave.  N, in downtown Canton.

Jessica, a surgical assistant at a local hospital, remembers questioning the idea.

“I supported her,” she said with a smile. “But yes, at the same time, I was panicking inside.”

“We don’t all know what we want to be when we grow up,” Jessica said. “He was just trying to find his place, and I said go.”

Dan Karipides with examples of his photographs at The Creatives, a studio he owns in downtown Canton that operates in partnership with other visual artists.

Photography, videography

Taking the risk paid off with The Creatives, a Dan Karipides photo studio opened in September at 525 Market Ave. N in downtown Canton, next to Grapes In A Glass.

From standard photography to unique settings including events, photoshoots, and engagement and wedding photos, Karipides does it all, besides renting the studio and hosting special events.

Under the trade name DK Creative, Karipides specializes in real estate photography; professional portraits; branding for companies; and video production for weddings, business promotions, real estate tours and social media campaigns.

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This photo is an example of the work of Dan Karipides, owner of DK Creative and The Creatives photo studio in downtown Canton.

Standing at a table in a studio with modern and industrial decor, Karipides gestured towards large, vivid images spread out in front of him – the lighted panel of the Canton Palace Theater and a maternity photoshoot of a friend with the backdrop of the Dundee Falls in Tuscarawas County.

“What’s really more fun is the story behind (the photo),” Karipides said. “It’s not just about taking the photo or using the latest and greatest gear. It’s the story behind getting it. Every photo itself has its own memory that you take.”

Jessica and Dan Karipides are pictured inside the husband's photo studio, The Creatives in downtown Canton, where he is founding his photography and video production company, DK Creative.

Karipides said he foregoing filters in an effort to capture the essence of a subject.

“If I had to describe my style, it would be sullen and daring,” he said. “I think dark and cranky has more emotions.”

As they walked into the studio lobby, the Perry Township resident gestured towards a wall of photos, each with their own vibrant and distinct personality.

Among them was an aerial photo of a multi-million dollar house in Glenmoor and a photo of an electric Ford Mustang from the perspective of the taillight. Others included a woman dressed as a zombie bride who was finalizing her divorce on Halloween and celebrating by destroying her wedding dress.

Dan Karipides discusses some of his photographic work at The Creatives, a studio he owns in downtown Canton that operates in partnership with other visual artists.

Creative partners

The Creatives is a collective artistic endeavor, said Karipides.

Although he owns the studio business, he partners with several others to operate The Creatives. They each have their own outside business interests and specialties.

Partners include Alex Shepherd (Creations by Shep); Emma Shepherd (The Makeup Artistry and Aesthetics of Emma Kat); Maranda Wagoner (H3 Happy Healthy Hair); Kurt Wolf (Premium Entertainment); Jackie Oliver (JO Creative Co.); Rachel Baker (Rachel Lucia Photography); and Gina Rossi (Gina Lynn Photography).

Jessica Karipides also contributes to the studio with custom furniture.

“It doesn’t matter what your background,” Dan Karipides said of the group. “Everyone can work together and help each other. “

Jessica and Dan Karipides are featured at The Creatives, a photo studio that opened in September at 525 Market Ave.  N, in downtown Canton.

Late night photo editing

A photo studio is not where he expected to land in his career.

Karipides, 35, graduated from Jackson High School and received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Kent State University.

He had considered careers in law and investigated banking and electronic fraud.

Looking around the studio, dotted with balloons in preparation for a breakfast with a photo event with Santa Claus, Karipides reflected on the career change, admitting that it required sacrifice and balancing work and life. family responsibilities.

The couple have three young children.

“There are nights when I stay awake until 1 or 2 in the morning for editing (photos or videos of weddings),” he said.

“But I think I definitely made the right choice because that’s actually my vision,” Karipides said of the studio.

This is an example of photography by Dan Karipides, DK Creative Photo Studio and The Creatives in downtown Canton.

Inspire others with the podcast

Finding a new career and professional happiness is a message he wants to share and defend through The Creatives Podcast, available through Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

“It’s almost like giving back in some way,” Karipides said. “Someone might meet (the podcast), and it might give them that last push to do something they want to do.”

Dan and Jessica Karipides work on a photo exhibition area at The Creatives, a new studio on Market Avenue N in downtown Canton.

Karipides and his podcast partner, Alex Shepherd, launched the podcast about two months ago. Interview topics will include those who have turned a hobby into a career. A recent episode featured a barber from Canton.

“What I want to do is educate someone who might be in a position like me – sitting alone in a hotel room saying, ‘I’m just going to do this (and change careers). “

“It might inspire them to finally take that momentum and pursue that passion or hobby as a career.”

Dan and Jessica Karipides are preparing a photo exhibit area at The Creatives, a new studio located at 525 Market Ave.  N in downtown Canton, where he founded his photography and video production company, DK Creative.

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