‘Live it’, a six-week trip to Saint Lucia, Caribbean, Caribbean


‘Live It’ is an extended six-week trip offered by the Caribbean city of St. Lucia, where tourists will have the opportunity to spend time like the locals.

Saint Lucia is a beautiful country, surrounded by the geological wonder of the photogenic Pitons, which are a World Heritage Site. This place is popular with adventurers and nature lovers. The place has beautiful waterfalls, people come here to hike and explore the forest canopy on land, or dive below the calm of the Caribbean to get closer to the marine life of Saint Lucia.

People can apply for this program by applying online and completing the free application. Interested participants will be matched with a local tour operator who will act as a personal guide before and during their stay at the hotels and villas. The program also defined fun activities for tourists. This includes learning local recipes, exploring rainforests, diving dozens of reefs, and hiking the Pitons.

Free Wi-Fi will also be provided to visitors so that they can work remotely as free Wi-Fi is offered throughout the island in hotels, villas and public places. Several hotels are already offering remote work programs, amenities and special perks.

Due to the pandemic, new regulations have been designed and visitors will have to spend two weeks in a hotel or villa, due to COVID-19. But after that tourists are free to walk around and explore the place.


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