The Omicron experience in Africa, part 6


Omicron is coming to town …

You better be careful
It’s good to cry
pull out your hair
I tell you why:
OMICRON is coming to town!

Chronicles of a Caribbean Columnist Chronicle by Earl Bousquet

When a dear friend sent me a new clip with the first verse above of a new version of the old song “Santa Claus Comes to Town”, I smiled.

I actually smiled, because it meant the creative presenters were helping to get the message across that while this second COVID Christmas will always be white in snowy climates, it certainly won’t be glowing anywhere.

More than Delta, its new cousin (Omicron) has already conquered the world: present in more than 89 countries, detected in 43 of the 50 states of the United States, accounting for 60% of new cases in the United Kingdom and exacerbating the problems of vaccination in Canada, taking North America and Europe by winter storm as the Christmas long weekend approached.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that Omicron is not kidding, its managing director Tedros Adhanon also warns that vacation travel can speed up Omicron’s pace.

Her simple but profound tip for those planning Christmas parties and holidays is: “Cancel and celebrate later instead of celebrating now and crying later!” “

The majority of people hospitalized for Omicron worldwide are not vaccinated and diagnosed only after admission for other causes and the rate of “infection” is most likely three to four times the number of “cases” diagnosed. The advice is that any party this weekend should be home and in small numbers – and all protocols should be followed in their entirety while the factual knowledge base on Omicron remains virtually empty.

But the point is, this is the Caribbean where we continue to believe and behave like COVID-19 is supposed to observe the holidays and allow us the freedom to party because, in our case (to quote the legendary broadcaster saint- lucien Willie James) ‘This is Saint Lucia, where we are happy!’

So, Santa’s hats are out, Christmas trees light up and everything is being done (as if) everywhere to encourage people to do whatever they think they can or should respect their annual sacred duty of celebrating the birth. of Christ through Christendom.

In Norway, Santa Claus complains that it is the worst Christmas he has ever seen; and in the United States, it has had to hire over a thousand assistants to help cheer on tearful children who have lost parents or siblings to COVID in any of its forms.

Here too – and across the Caribbean – Santa Claus always plans to come to town.

But, as our singer warns, Santa will most likely have to come to town on Friday night in a very different way, if only because of the difference in this second COVID Christmas – this time with Delta and Omicron having violently replaced Rudolph as Santa’s primary carriers for 2021.

Indeed, the song also prepares us for the virtual Santa Claus Omicron to come for Christmas 2021 …

it’s making a list
Check who is hidden
Ready to pounce without being asked
Because OMICRON is coming to town …

He knows when you’ve been boosted
And know when you wheeze
Don’t care if you are young or old
This will bring you to your knees …
Oh you better be careful
i will not lie
It’s time to lay low,
I tell you why …
Because OMICRON is coming to town!

But regardless, there are still those Christians everywhere who feel they can keep Christmas and escape Omicron because they are pious – and they are not.

A good doctor virtually plays Ludo with my mind by “showing daddy” the Medical and Dental Council and offering to pay him an official fine of $ 10,000 with “Monopoly Money”.

Her supporters scheduled a Sunday vigil in the old Columbus Square to collect signatures in support of the paper money she pledged to pay the state for daring to charge her for upholding her alleged right to harm them. laws of the land, with impunity, simply choosing to set them aside and reject them.

Supporters of the doctor say the petition campaign (which I haven’t heard from since Sunday) was aimed at forcing the prime minister to repeat a promise he made before and after the last general election – as if they didn’t. did not believe or simply wanted him to give them reassurance of an assurance that he has already offered as assurance.

But then they also completely and selectively reject medical science and the latest global trends, refuse to recognize the importance of numbers, and totally reject all the truths about the effectiveness of existing vaccines.

The reasons and arguments offered to support their banned medical product are (for the most part) both almost ludicrous and far removed from actual reality, spitting in the face of the facts simply because they don’t fit their highly selective narrative – that this either as outright anti-vaccines, or as staunch supporters that governments here and elsewhere should just spit in the face of the WHO and embrace the treatment they are proposing, without providing any convincing arguments .

The Thomas Doubting have the right to continue to doubt, but their reasons and arguments may add to the fact that what they are proposing will, in effect, extend the time we spend with COVID-19, SARS-CoV -2, Delta and Omicron.

So, I end with the rest of the song that I highly recommend to everyone – and definitely prescribe the Goodly Doctor and his restless supporters:

No more of these excuses
Time is up for these delays
Let’s help each other through this
Severe pandemic phase …
So you better not wait
Please listen to me
Let’s all vaccinate:
One shot – and it’s free
Because Omicron is coming to town …

And, for those still in doubt (for a number of understandable reasons), I end this six-part series on Omicron’s global experience with the rest of my favorite 2021 Christmas song:

Too early to say
Just how it’s gonna work
But now is not the time
Act like a jerk
Because Omicron is coming …
Yes, Omicron is coming …
In the city!


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