TUI’s latest update includes more canceled vacations in Spain, Italy and Malta


TUI’s latest travel updates include holiday cancellations affecting itineraries in Spain, Italy, Malta and Turkey – but it’s not all bad news for vacationers

TUI announced holiday cancellations for October

TUI has released a new travel update that includes a number of holiday cancellations for October, with destinations including Spain, Italy, Turkey and Malta.

The vacation giant has announced a number of cancellations through October 9, which primarily affect Orange and Red List destinations.

Meanwhile, a number of vacations are being canceled until October 31, including some green list destinations such as Austria and Bulgaria, as well as popular orange destinations with some routes in Italy and Spain affected.

You can check out the full list of destinations below for both sets of canceled trips.

Until October 9 included:

  • Aruba, Cape Verde (Sal), Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt (Marsa Alam and Sharm El Sheikh), Florida, Jamaica and Mexico
  • Canada, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) and United States with non-TUI flights

Until October 31 included:

  • Austria, Italy and Slovenia (TUI Lakes and Mountains, including non-TUI flights), Bulgaria (Varna and Bourgas), Italy (Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily), Malta (except non-TUI flights) and Montenegro, mainland Spain (Almeria and Girona)), Thailand, Turkey with non-TUI flights

TUI still offers plenty of vacations, including popular destinations like Croatia, which is currently on the green list


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This is not all bad news for vacationers, however. TUI still operates a large number of trips to Green and Orange List destinations including Antigua, Barbados, Croatia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Grenada, Greece including Islands, Iceland, Jersey, Madeira and Porto Santa, Malta with non-TUI flights, Morocco, Portugal, Spain including the Balearic and Canary Islands, Saint Lucia, Switzerland (TUI Lakes & Mountains) and the United Arab Emirates with non-TUI flights.

You can find the latest updates on the TUI website here.

The UK government’s next travel update is currently expected to be announced on Thursday, September 16.

The next review is expected to include a number of redlist changes as well as potential greenlist candidates – we’ve put together a more comprehensive guide here.

Italy could be a candidate for the green list, as the country has reported low infection rates and reportedly administered doses of the vaccine to the majority of its population. Meanwhile, countries like France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands have also all seen a drop in the number of coronavirus cases.

Where Brits Can Go on Vacation

As for the Red List, there has been speculation that Jamaica could be added after the Foreign Office recently changed its guidelines to advise against non-essential travel to the island “on the basis of the current COVID-19 risk assessment “.

There has also been speculation that the Green and Amber Lists could be removed entirely by October 1, although at the time of writing this has not been confirmed.

The Covid situation and the rules for traveling to a destination can change quickly, so if you are planning a trip you should always check the latest Foreign Office travel advice for the latest updates and entry requirements that you must know.

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