Where is it hot in January? The best holiday destinations in the New Year’s sun

Want to spend January in Saint Lucia? (Photo: Getty Images)

With the opening of worldwide travel, winter getaways in the sun could resume for the start of 2022.

Considering the 2020s and 2021s we’ve all had, it makes perfect sense to seek warm weather and sunny beaches. as the temperature drops in the UK.

Or you might be looking for something a little more energetic, whether it’s a bustling capital or a distant country – with average temperatures between 1 ° C and 7 ° C in the UK in January, this is the good time to look for warmer climates.

And if you’re looking to rock the post-Christmas blues as well, the start of the New Year is the perfect time to get away from it all.

So where in the world should you fly in January 2022?

Of course, nothing in the world of travel is certain – things remain unpredictable and can change at any time – but assuming we can all get away from the winter sun, consider some of these destinations …

Where is it hot in January?

Antigua and Barbuda

Aerial view of woman floating in turquoise sea, pink sand beach, Barbuda, Caribbean

Barbuda is famous for its pink sand beaches (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 26 ° C
Hours of sunshine: nine hours
Flight time: Eight hours, 35 minutes

While January may be the coldest month of the year in Antigua, the average temperature still hovers around 26 ° C, making it much warmer than these coasts.

If you decide to venture there, you will find more than your fair share of great beaches, including the famous Barbuda Pink Sand Beach, where the sand is truly pink due to the amount of coral reefs nearby.

You will also find that the average sea temperature is 27 ° C at this time of year, which makes it perfect for swimming.

Cape Town, South Africa)

South Africa, West Cape, Capetown, waterfront
You could fly to South Africa (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 25 ° C
Sunshine hours: 10 hours
Flight time:
11 hours 30 minutes

While January can be freezing in the UK, South Africa is summertime, making it a great time to visit bustling Cape Town.

The town has more than its fair share of sights – you can relax on Boulders Beach and visit its penguin colony as well as take a trip to the famous Table Mountain – the cable car service will allow you to experience views breathtaking view of the city from its 3,500 foot high summit.

At the time of writing, the curfew was still in place from midnight to 4 a.m., meaning most non-essential businesses currently close at 11 p.m., but the city remains a great option for those looking for a winter getaway.


View over Soufriere Bay to Petit Piton, colorful fishing boat moored offshore, Soufriere, St Lucia
Saint Lucia is in the shadow of two volcanic plugs (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 29 ° C
Hours of sunshine: eight hours
Flight time: Eight hours, 50 minutes

The Caribbean island of St. Lucia enjoys wonderful weather throughout the day, but with average temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit in January, now is a great time to visit.

In addition to the beaches – including Anse Chastenet, known for its snorkeling – you can explore the Pitons, the two volcanic mountains that overlook the island, on foot or by boat, and swim in the surrounding waterfalls.

And don’t forget to stop in Soufriere, the island’s original capital, with its botanical gardens and souvenir shops in the old town.

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Abu Dhabi skyline, UAE
Abu Dhabi is a good bet for sunnier skies in January (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 24 ° C
Hours of sunshine: 8.5 hours
Flight time: 6 hours 50 minutes

Dubai might be a good bet for those looking to soak up the winter sun, but Abu Dhabi – the capital of the United Arab Emirates – also has a lot to offer, with January being its coldest month (albeit with temperatures still in the 70s), it is a popular time to visit.

In addition to its beaches, you can check out its many towering and iconic attractions, including the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace, or search for bargains in one of the city’s many shopping malls.

Green cap

The main beach of Santa Maria, Cape Verde
Santa Maria Beach is a popular snorkeling spot (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 24-25 ° C
Hours of sunshine: eight hours
Flight time: Six hours

Another location with the coldest month in January but still boasting mid-70s temperatures, the West African nation of Cape Verde is a great choice for those looking for a beach holiday, with the island of Sal – and its Santa Maria beach – offering plenty of opportunities for snorkelling and diving.

Kitesurfing is another activity worth trying – with the winds off the coasts of Sal and Boa Vista making the conditions perfect for this.

The town of Santa Maria on the island of Sal is also a picturesque place to visit if you want a break from the beach, offering pretty pastel-colored buildings and some of the archipelago’s best bars and restaurants.

Miami, Florida)

Miami downtown skyline with modern office skyscrapers, Florida, USA

Temperature: 25 ° C
Sunshine hours: 10 hours
Flight time: Nine hours

The United States reopens its borders to fully vaccinated British travelers from November – meaning Miami, Florida, which enjoys hot and sunny weather most of the year – could be an option for a winter getaway .

It’s a great choice for those who want to combine a sunny getaway with a touch of big city life – you can combine relaxing in Miami Beach with visiting the city’s museums and attractions.

And don’t forget to visit the Art Deco district of South Beach, with its quirky and trendy bars and restaurants.

Phuket, Thailand)

Long tail fisherman boats in the turquoise Andaman Sea in summer and white sand beach of Kata beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket has no shortage of blue seas and white sands (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 27 ° C
Hours of sunshine: eight hours
Flight time: 14 hours

From the start of November, the country will once again be open to fully vaccinated British tourists, making it another great winter sun option. Thailand is a prime hot weather destination when it’s cold here, but if it’s the beaches you’re after that, there are over 30 Phuket to choose from.

Aside from getting your tan and snorkeling, the island also has plenty of other sites to keep you occupied – visit the capital, Phuket Town, with its brightly colored buildings or take a trip to ‘James Bond Island ‘- aka Koh Tapu, where The Man with the Golden Gun was shot.

And when the sun goes down, don’t forget to visit one of the night markets, or visit Bangla Road, famous for its restaurants and bars.

Goa (India)

Palolem Beach
Go straight to Goa (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 32 ° C
Hours of sunshine: nine hours
Flight time: Nine o’clock, 30 minutes

India is quite warm throughout January, but Goa offers a great mix of laid-back beaches and tourist hotspots. As well as sunbathing and indulging in everything from water skiing to scuba diving, you can also visit temples and historic sites, including the Basilica of Bom Jesus, home to the mummy of the 16th century missionary, Saint Francis. Xavier.

And don’t forget to go on one of the local dolphin safaris – head out into the Arabian Sea early in the morning on one of the tours for a chance to see our aquatic friends up close.


Palm tree beach resort Sentosa Island Singapore
Sentosa Beach is an idyllic getaway off the main island of Singapore (Photo: Getty Images)

Temperature: 26 ° C
Hours of sunshine: Six hours
Flight time: 13 hours, 25 minutes

The Far East has no shortage of balmy temperatures at the start of the year – and Singapore is another great place to visit, with the country reopening for fully vaccinated travelers from the UK starting in mid-October.

In addition to the sights on the mainland – including the sands of Marina Bay and the Botanical Gardens – take a trip to Sentosa, a resort town with a 2 km long sheltered beach as well as the Universal Studios Singapore theme park.

And back on the mainland, don’t forget to stop for a Singapore Sling at the place where it was created, the famous Raffles Hotel.

For cooler temperatures, check out Europe

Landscape with Candelaria, Tenerife
The Canary Islands can still offer you some sunshine in January – but it might not be beach time (Photo: Getty Images)

While Europe might not be the hottest place to fly in January, there are still parts of the continent that will give you warmer temperatures than the UK if you fancy a city ​​break. Such as:

  • Portugal – average temperature 15 ° C
  • Malta – average temperature 16 ° C
  • Cyprus – average temperature 17 ° C
  • Canary Islands – average temperature 20 ° C

Keep in mind

While a break in January 2022 seems far enough away to ensure that Covid travel measures are a thing of the past – it might not be.

All of the destinations on this list are visitable at the time of writing, but you should keep in mind that if a country’s travel rules change while you’re already there, you could be subject to a quarantine.

It is wise to keep a close eye on the country’s individual entry requirements – which will be subject to change. Some countries may only require a negative test while others may require travelers to be fully vaccinated, with unvaccinated passengers to be quarantined upon arrival.

Before booking, it is advisable to check the Travel advice from the Foreign Office to make sure the place you plan to visit is open to UK tourists and what the entry requirements might be.

You should also make sure that you have top-notch travel insurance that will cover you in the event that you test positive during your stay abroad and need to extend your stay or undergo medical treatment.

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