Windy conditions and cooler temperatures are expected in parts of San Diego County through Tuesday


A cold, overcast and drizzly start to your Thursday will be followed by partial clearing this afternoon.

As the overland flow continues, a through trough will bring lower temperatures, dropping us well below typical levels for this time of year.

Normally we’d be in the 60s near the coast and mid-70s inland, but most areas west of the mountains will be battling their way out of the 60s today.

Not so sunny weather in San Diego

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The National Weather Service predicted strong westerly winds over the mountains and deserts of San Diego County from Sunday through Tuesday.

Wind gusts of 50 mph or more are forecast for various deserts across the county through Sunday evening, according to a wind advisory.

Cooler days and a coastal eddy with strong southerly winds and clouds near the coast were forecast.

The weather service says high temperatures near the coast will reach 69 degrees, 71-76 degrees in the western lowlands, 66-75 degrees in the highlands and 92-97 degrees in the deserts on Sunday, according to the Times. of San Diego.

Forecasters expect the sea layer to thicken a little more through Monday and occasionally release scattered rainfall, but most parts of the coastal basin are expected to remain dry with some sunshine each day. .

A weak ridge was expected to move east with winds diminishing Wednesday through Friday, bringing milder days.

The ridge was expected to give way to a larger trough on the west coast over the weekend, paving the way for milder weather through early next week.

West to northwest winds are expected to gust to 20 knots in the outer coastal seas on Sunday. Other than that, no hazardous marine weather was forecast until Thursday.

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Classic spring weather

The typical spring weather system of strong northwesterly winds and freezing sea water temperatures will persist for most of next week.

A pattern of strong to gale force northwesterly winds (25 to 38 mph) developing in the afternoon, reducing and changing from north to northeast (Santa Lucia / offshore) by late night and the morning will continue into Tuesday producing mostly clear skies except for areas of overnight fog along the beaches and coastal valleys on Monday and Tuesday.

This week, high pressure will build on the central coast, bringing significantly higher temperatures away from the ocean, according to The Tribune.

Today’s temperature extremes will range from the low to mid 80s in the interior valleys (Paso Robles) to the low to mid 70s in the coastal valleys (San Luis Obispo).

Beaches will be in the upper 50s to low 60s, with the exception of the south-facing beaches (Cayucos, Avila Beach, and Shell Beach), which will be in the mid-70s.

A counterclockwise swirling circular airflow from Catalina may be difficult to anticipate as it normally spans a small region of the Southern California Bay, which is expected to occur later Tuesday along the coast, from Point Conception to the south of San Diego.

A pattern of moderate gale force to fresh gale force northwesterly winds (32 to 46 mph) developing in the afternoon and diminishing throughout the night and morning will begin Thursday afternoon. noon and will last all weekend.

Such winds should be strong enough to mix the inversion/marine layer temperatures, allowing for generally clear skies.

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